Colin Newlyn

A pioneer in the cross-over of telecoms and technology, I have always seen the world a little differently, looked for possibilities and alternative approaches to the status-quo. 

I believe that the highly disruptive and dynamic markets that organisations find themselves in are full of opportunities to find new ways of working and really harness the ability of the people within them. The opportunity to build purposeful, adaptable, innovative and resilient organisations that people are fully engaged with is the prize within our grasp. I consult with organisations and coach individuals to help them work out how to become more adaptable and resilient so that they are better equipped to survive and thrive in this new environment. I bring an independent mind along with my strengths in analysis and creativity to work in partnership with my clients to discover the best way forward for them. Through dialogue, discovery and experimentation, and referring to a rich set of models and approaches, we co-create a programme that is well-suited to their specific requirements and circumstances.