Customer focus

Of course, we’d say we have those in spades (and we do!).

Or we could tell you about the times we worked through the night to deliver to a customer’s new deadline.

Or about how we tailor all our work to our clients’ needs.

And of course, we could tell you about the many years of experience we have between us.

But none of that tells you if we are any good at what we do…

So instead we show you what our customers say:

  • The work by Coincidencity has had a huge positive impact on our team, improving engagement and productivity. The team continues to flourish! (Regional Director, Asset Management)

  • The program paid for itself immediately. After the first workshop, we used the tools from the workshop the very next day to resolve a long-standing concern – it took just 30 minutes. (Global HR Director, UK Insurance)

  • I have known Miriam Gilbert for the last 3 years and have been hugely fortunate to be able to utilize her vast expertise and the ideal combination of German efficiency and creativity.  Her ability to peel through the layers, identify the needs of the business and provide the most astute advice has been absolutely invaluable. (Head of Sales, Professional Services)

  • Coincidencity ran a leadership program for our senior managers over a 6-months period. The program enabled [them] to raise the profile of their departments, helped them to work across silos, collaboratively developing original solutions and built strong relationships across both senior management and external stakeholders. (CEO, Project Management and Design firm)

  • After working with Coincidencity the collaboration across the sales teams improved dramatically and we just celebrated a record first-quarter sales. (CEO, Tour Operator)

  • I learned a lot from using the process on the day – the importance of really listening to and understanding your customers, but also that Customers don’t always know what they want.  Trial and error and continuous feedback in product and process design is very important. (HR Director Insurance)

And the kind of results they get:

Who are we are

At Coincidencity we like to do what we preach, so we operate as a value-network, self-managing around our interest, passions and expertise.
We are experienced consultants, coaches, trainers, advisers, mentors, facilitators and business leaders with the shared passion to rehumanise work.

Meet the Core Team

Miriam @400x400

Miriam Gilbert

My speciality is to help leaders unlock the collective intelligence and creativity of their teams, equip them with the tools to explore what it means to become lean/agile/digital; and show them how transformational changes can be made sustainable without… [read more]

Debs @400x369

Deborah Henry-Pollard

I love inspiring people and working with them to find and build on their vision. I support clients by seeing both the big vision and the small next step. Focusing on the strengths in each person, I generate an atmosphere where people have the freedom to imagine their visions, which can then be transformed into… [read more]


Colin Newlyn

A pioneer in the cross-over of telecoms and technology, I have always seen the world a little differently, looked for possibilities and alternative approaches to the status-quo.
I believe that the highly disruptive and dynamic markets that organisations find themselves in are full of opportunities to find new… [read more]

What working with us looks like

We’re action biased; we don’t get lost in analysis paralysis. We take the time to understand your situation, sure. But instead of presenting you with template solutions designed in isolation, we help you prototype the best solution to your challenges. The prototyping approach lets you test ideas and learn quickly, without risk or great costs. It means you make progress from the get-go, not after months of painful waiting and uncertainty.

Design Thinking, agile, lean, organisational design, business model canvas-ing, self-management… we have experience in all of these, and we are not beholden to any particular purist dogma.

Our focus is not on impressing you with how great our methodologies and theories are, but on how to get you closer to your goals. It is our mission to make sure every time you talk to use, you come away with some practical tools and actions you can apply straight away to achieve your goals.