We help you develop the 5 superpowers for organisations in the 21 Century

The pace of change has never been faster – and it is still speeding up. No amount of strategic planning and forecasting can mitigate the risks arising from such change. Organisations need resilience to recover from unforeseen and unforeseeable events, being able to pick itself up and continue or start again, if they want to survive in this environment.
Organisational self-awareness means the organisation undestands exaclty how the people inside it act, their behaviours and motivations. An organization that is self-aware is open to learning and better able to adjust quickly to changes as the marketplace dictates. Developing self-awareness enables organisations to understand what resilience is needed, how to deal with uncertainty and foster social connectedness.
Gone are the days of the single captain steering the ship, handing commands down the chain of the organisation. Agility, resilience and being able to operate in an environment where there are fewer and fewer traditional certainties, require social connectedness to provide cohesiveness and to remove friction.
Organisations strive for certainty through their strategies, plans and budgets. But the fast pace of change is ever more undermining the illusory certainty these create and new ways of operating are needed – these need to be comfortable with uncertainty for the business to survive.
Agility lies at the core of the strategic differentiation of the successful organisations of the future. Agility means being able to take advantage of change – whether planned or unexpected. In the increasingly complext, uncertain and volative world of business, agility is the superpower that allows businesses to stay relevant.

Getting strategic results
We know that to achieve different, new, unique results, you have to do things differently.

We help you figure out how to do it.

  • Consulting


  • Workshops


  • Training


We don’t just sit in meetings, telling you what to do. Though we do like to share our experience and insights, we also like to be a bit more practical in our approach and work in collaboration.
We create learning and exploration experiences that allow your organisation to discover and implement the right approach – no cookie cutter solutions.
In our work, we provide implementation coaching, advice, constructive challenge and accountability through a mix of interactive workshops, team coaching and group consulting.

We run tailored full-day workshops exploring your organisations challenges and opportunities. We focus on how to improve performance, increase engagement and become comfortable with the uncertainties and challenges of the digital world.
But we don’t leave it there. Because we all have been at nice workshops that have little impact beyond the day, we help you develop approaches and solutions that you can apply straight away.

Our training course cover traditional topics such as collaboration, problem solving and motivating teams, but that’s where the tradition ends. Our approaches are based on the latest research in Neuroscienece of how to make training super effective – fast.
We pride ourselves on how quickly participants can apply their learning in the real-world and the continued growth and development they experience.
Training takes place online or face-2-face, depending on location.
Self-paced online courses coming Jan 2018.

Key themes we explore:

Organising for Agility

Explore new ways of designing work in your organisation that maximises agility and innovation.
Learn more in a no-obligation strategy session

Strategy for the future of your organisation

Discover what your future customers and staff will want, and how to organise yourself to best serve them.
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Behaviour change and Prototyping:

Around 75% of change and transformation initiatives fail. We offer a unique approach to sustainable business change, based on behavioural economics, insights from neurosciences and grounded in real business dynamics, which cuts the risk and cost of failure.
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Overcoming objections

Change is the only constant, yet leaders face objections at every turn. We give you the tools and structures to overcome objections and teach you how to build sustainable change into the DNA of your business.
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Employee Happiness and Engagement

Sustainable growth and performance relies on happy employees. Happy businesses have 37% higher sales, suffer half the loss of skilled people and are three times as profitable as others. We show you how to build long-lasting engagement in your business.
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